iPod Touchscreen Pictures are Fake!

Written by rob on March 12, 2006 – 10:56 pm -

A lot of people seem to think the recent ‘new’ iPod Video (with touchscreen) pictures on the internet are real. Yes, it is true… Apple did file for a patent for touchscreen media devices, but that is about the only fact surrounding this issue. There are a lot of variants in the pictures, from a horizontal widescreen with 3.5″ screen to one that looks pretty much exactly like the current model except the entire unit is a screen (and the click wheel is just a graphic on the touchscreen). The latter is the most obvious fake, but here is the truth: not one of them is real. MacRumors has a gallery of all of the mock-ups as of now, and not a single one is confirmed true.

The creators of many of these images have admitted their con, and some have actually given examples of how they made the fakes. One made a video showing his process, complete with music. He essentially took a digital photo of a current iPod Video on its side and enlarged the screen horizontally, then threw a test pattern on the screen. Another took a screen capture of his computer’s desktop, showing him modifying the image in Photoshop.

I personally find all this Photoshop hysteria amusing. The greatest part is how serious some rumor sites take this. There are many people that were fooled by this, and it just further proves the saying: “Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” In today’s world of talented Photoshop users, you probably shouldn’t believe anything of what you see on the Internet. In conclusion, the pictures are all fake. Just hold your breath until April 1 when Apple will officially announce their new iPod. But considering the announcement is going to be on April Fool’s Day, I would even regard that with a healthy sense of skepticism.

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2 Comments to “iPod Touchscreen Pictures are Fake!”

  1. Bruce Says:

    hey idk if youv seen it yet…but yesterday i saw it in….gamepro…i think

    anyway it was an igame….or so their calling it ….there was a picture that they had found and they were explaining how it works. idk if its real of not…..but it plays all old games, like nes games that u could download off of itunes

    just telling u cuz i found it and thought youd be interested if u didnt already see it

  2. rob Says:

    That sounds like a rumor too, mostly because I don’t see Apple selling the old games on iTunes Music Store. But that would be a very cool device!