G3-Optimized Firefox

Written by rob on December 31, 2006 – 3:01 pm -

After realizing that some people actually make use of my G3-optimized Firefox builds (other than me), I decided to make a habit out of releasing a build for each Firefox release. I am posting this entry from my newly built Firefox optimized for G3. This time, since I simply updated the source tree and recompiled as opposed to compiled from scratch, it only took about two hours and forty-five minutes, as opposed to five hours. Dedicating about three hours to create these builds with every Firefox release isn’t a big deal at all, especially if people make use of them.

You can download the new build by clicking here.

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5 Comments to “G3-Optimized Firefox”

  1. zonafirefox Says:

    Many Thanks! I’ve referenced your article on my blog

    is it possible an spanish version?

  2. rob Says:

    I noticed that you linked to me based on my website stats. I appreciate it. Just out of curiosity, how did you find my site? I’m always wondering if it shows up on Google or Technorati.

    As for the Spanish version, it is actually quite simple. As you may or may not know, Firefox is designed to be, among other things, accessible to people of all language backgrounds. The Mozilla Localization Project manages the actual translation. That said, Mozilla releases “language packs” with every Firefox release that you can install just like any other extension. I’ll break down the process in three easy steps.

    1. Step One: Download the language pack you need. The only thing you need to make sure you get is the one for your version of Firefox (in this case Unfortunately, it is somewhat buried in the Mozilla server. You have to first go here. Then click the release you want (again, in this case it is but in the future will be different). Next click on the “win32” link. (Even though it says Windows, I promise it works for any Firefox, including my G3 builds.) Then click on the “xpi” link. You will see a list of all the languages, except abbreviated. You can then pick your language, which would be either es-ES.xpi or es-AR.xpi. You may have to allow this site access to extensions, but then you can install it. Restart Firefox when it lets you.
    2. Step Two: Go to this site to install the Locale Switcher extension. This makes it super-easy to switch languages. If you didn’t install this, you would have to start Firefox from the command line to get Spanish. After it is installed, restart Firefox again.
    3. Step Three: Now that Firefox is back up, go to the Tools menu, and then the new Languages menu (put there by Locale Switcher). Select Spanish. Now restart Firefox a third and final time. When the browser comes back up, everything will be in Spanish!

    Good luck, and let me know if you need any further assistance. Also, I noticed your site serves Spanish Firefox needs, so feel free to post that three-step process on your site to help out your users (you can just link to my site). This will let you turn any English-only Firefox into fully Spanish. Just make sure you get the xpi file from the right version in Step 1! 🙂

  3. zonafirefox Says:

    Rob, thanks for your reply, and i’ve found you on Technorati’ Firefox search. Also many thanks the info. I knew about the localization but i did forget it :). Will be helpful to inform the users about that since not all ppl knows that. Your site is in my bookmarks and if u need something feel free to contact me.
    Sorry for my bad english

  4. dan13l Says:

    Back again! Had to rebuild the iBook and had the same instability with Firefox. Of course, I didn’t save the old download, so I’ve had to find you again.

    I used Google, in answer to your previous question. But I’ll likely blog about the site too, so that I can find it more easily in future.

    Thanks for the G3 builds, they keep me sane!

  5. rob Says:

    OK, cool. I appreciate the support. I’m hopefully going to get a Macbook Pro within 6 months, but I will certainly keep my old laptop around to make these builds.