NOTE: This section is very old and is some of the programs I worked on in high school. For my latest projects, refer to my new website specifically for this purpose:

This section is devoted to providing Download links for the games or programs that I have created. I’ve made many simple games back in my Visual Basic days, but I lost the CD with those on it. If it ever comes up again, I will add them to this ever-growing list. EDIT (02-28-06): I found the CD. See below for a couple games and programs that I made in Visual Basic.

Completed Games

  • Frogger in Beijing – C++ w/ Qt – A frogger clone taking place in the wonderful Chinese city of Beijing. (5MB)
  • Pong – Visual Basic – The game that became so popular in the early 80’s. (36KB) (source code)
  • Frogger – Visual Basic – This is just a very stupid, minimal cloned version of the original Frogger. Apparently this was before I knew what I was doing as it has almost no features and is very clunky and buggy. My C++ Frogger is so much better. (92KB) (source code)

Completed Programs

  • NDS Action Replay Save Converter – Visual Basic – This program allows you to convert the *.duc files that come from a Nintendo DS Action Replay device (which is the most common type traded on online message boards and sites) into the *.sav files that are readable in flash cartridges. The program supports the two most popular formats: 2-mbit and 4-mbit SAV files. Between those two formats, most flash cartridges are supported (everything from SC to G6 to M3 and the newer M3 Simply). (28KB)
  • Jeopardy – Visual Basic – A good way to quiz yourself or to quiz others is by a game of Jeopardy. I created this program to allow you to create your own Jeopardy games and then play them. This is actually quite cool, and a good way to study (sort of like digital flash cards, though I have a separate program for that). (48KB) (source code)
  • Text Editor – Visual Basic – This is the first program everyone makes when they learn how to input and output files. Very simple, but it works. (28KB) (source code)
  • Midpoints to Vertices – Perl/CGI – Can convert the three inputted coordinates of triangle midpoints and give you the three vertices of that triangle. It is a simple, but very tedious algebraic calculation, so this program facilitates it.

Works in Progress

  • Nothing right now.

Note: All Visual Basic programs require the VB 6 runtime file to be installed on your computer before they will run. Download that here.