iPod/iPhone Updates

Apple today hosted a special event at which they unveiled the new iPods, and also gave a product update about the iPhone. Here is just a rough, bulleted look at what was revealed:

  • The current iPod w/ Video are renamed to iPod Classic. The hard drive choices are now 80 and 160GB. Also, the user interface and physical design have changed slightly. A notable new feature allows you to browse your music using Cover Flow (iTunes users will be familiar with this album-flip view).
  • The current iPod Nano has been removed from existence. The new iPod nano looks like an iPod Classic that got smushed vertically. The features? It can now play video and do everything a normal iPod can, just in a smaller package. 4GB and 8GB versions available.
  • iPod Shuffle is the same. The only (possible) difference is a new color… purple. Although I’m not sure; this may not be new. I just never saw it before.
  • The brand NEW iPod (hence the need for an iPod Classic) is called the iPod Touch. It is essentially an iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls. It does music, video, photos all like the iPhone, and also has Wi-Fi internet access and is Safari and Youtube-enabled. Yay! The problem is that it, like the iPhone, uses flash-based storage. Meaning less space. The versions are 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399.
  • iPhone 4GB, previously $499, no longer exists. iPhone 8GB, previously $599, is reduced to $399 after less than 3 months!

OK. That basically summarizes it. Head on over to Apple’s iPod section to see pictures and more info about all of the new changes made to the iPod lineup. You really need to see the iPod Nano to appreciate its odd appearance.

I just have a few comments.

First of all, the iPod Touch. As soon as the iPhone was announced, I hoped they would make an iPod that had all the features without the phone part. It seems Apple has granted my wish. Still time must pass before I can be sure the iPod Touch is everything the iPhone is… in terms of browsing, etc. I suspect it is pretty good. I don’t see Google Maps on the list of apps, which is disheartening. Either way, even if we assume that it does everything the iPhone does, there is still a major problem with it. $399 for 16GB of space is not an iPod. Sorry. That was like 5 years ago.

Second, I thin it is kind of ridiculous that Apple decided to lower the iPhone’s price $200 after only three months. If I was a loyal Apple customer who already had an iPhone, I would be pretty mad about this. Apple is essentially telling people that it doesn’t pay to buy their products immediately. This may have large consequences for them.

Either way, I’m not superbly happy. The new iPod Classic is cool, but the iPod Touch needs more space.