Two New Flash Games + Outlook

I added two new flash games today. By request, I added Sonic the Hedgehog, an impressive flash recreation of the original masterpiece by SEGA. Also, I added a game that was featured in Computer Gaming World’s Top 101 Free PC games. I saw it first in the magazine, but they now have the list on their site. The one game that stood out to me is called Nanaca Crash. It is a Japanese game, and done completely in Flash. It reminds me of a few other flash games, where you essentially launch something into the air and you go further and further based on if you hit specific things along the way. Well, in this case you are a Japanese schoolgirl and you smash into a poor guy with your bike. He goes flying, and along the way can land on random pedestrians that either stop him in his tracks or smash him hard enough to keep the flight going. The game is more luck than anything. My current high score is 1529.56m which I think is pretty good. My previous high before that was 300m, but that one I just hit a couple of good specials.

Anyway, I added a post in the General Discussion of the Forum for ‘topic requests’. As the site expands, I hope to add more and more useful articles. The best way to find out what is useful is for people to request things that they would like to know a little bit more about. I know the iPod Video Conversion was a big hit, and am hoping to make similar articles. It seems there are many mysteries in the tech world that really shouldn’t be there. One of the things I currently have in mind is an article on spyware: what it is, how you can become infected, and more importantly how to stop it from infecting you. Using a Windows PC with Internet Explorer is dangerous these days with spyware circulating the ‘net, and the build-up of the said spyware can really slow down a previously fast computer. I am also planning an exposè on Linux, the world’s favorite open source operating system. Until then, request whatever you want to learn more about. I know, or can learn, a lot of tech-related stuff, but sometimes it is hard for me to come up with good topics on my own…

Furthermore, beyond just adding useful articles, I plan on expanding the actual site. I’m not going to give away anything (because I don’t know if I can actually pull some of this stuff off), but let’s just say I am trying to build a central hub that you will be able to get to to not only access parts of this site, but Google and other parts of the internet. Again, I may be too ambitious for my own good, and am not actually promising anything. But I’m going to put my Perl/CGI skills to the test.

Also coming this month (hopefully) are my other Top Ten lists: the TV shows and movies. It is a lot harder than I thought, since I can barely think of ten movies that I liked, let alone my ten favorites. And there are some that I watched when I was too young, so I may have to rewatch a lot of movies.