Things to Look Forward To

I plan on incorporating some interesting things in the near future. The largest thing I am currently working on is getting some sort of list (these will hardly be final) going to my Top 10 of various things. The ones I hope to implement the soonest are Games, Movies, and TV Shows. Ranking movies is probably going to be the most difficult since I have seen so many over such a large expanse of time. It is really hard to compare a movie you saw yesterday to something you watched when you were seven years old, so I am going to try to compensate for that when determining the list.

Also, I am currently in the process of learning a new C++ library that will aid in the programming of computer games. When I get a reasonable amount of knowledge in that library, I plan on creating a game that involves Leon Kennedy (hero in the Resident Evil video game franchise; for those of you that are visual, click here to see a picture of Leon) that will play much like Manhunt except in 2D. The entire development process, from conception to completion, will be documented here. And of course when it reaches a certain level of completion and beta testers (will be hand-chosen by me) are necessary, I will distribute it using a password-protected post to this blog. And when the final release is ready you can expect to download it here. Also notable is the fact that I will re-release the game Frogger in Beijing that I made last year. The currently-released version had control malfunctions about a month after its release, and is thus unplayable. The new release will be the same exact thing, with no added content, but will have that unfortunate bug fixed forever (hopefully).

Now, all of that is what you as the reader have to look forward to. I figured I would also go into a few brief points of what I am looking forward to in 2006.

So, without further ado, I present to you, Rob’s Official Things to Look Forward To of 2006 List (I know, original title):

  • Playstation 3 – Released in Spring 2006, or (as analysts of the industry are saying) possibly later, this mix of elegant beauty and technological prowess will mark the beginning of true next-generation gaming. What the XBOX 360 faintly began, this device will finish. Transcending the gaming world, the PS3 will represent Sony’s entrance into the HD media industry with its Blu-Ray disc drive. Movies of the future will no longer be released on DVD, but instead on either Sony’s Blu-Ray or Toshiba’s HD-DVD. Which will prevail will remain to be seen, but it will be a large step forward in movie technology nonetheless.
  • Final Fantasy XII – I just had to briefly add this, the twelfth iteration of the Final Fantasy series, because of my undying loyalty to the franchise.
  • The End of 10th Grade – Definitely not one of the best years in school, I can’t wait until it is over.
  • 150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth – On July 10 of 2006, Nikola Tesla will be 150. He has unfortunately been dead for over sixty years, but he is known as the father of technology. Whether it was his marvels in wireless communication in the late 19th century or his overall profound innovation, this man was a genius. His inventions opened the eyes of the general public to the absolute wonderousness of technology and the limitless possibilities of its implementation. Most of the modern technology we now enjoy is due to his advances in the subject.
  • The Evolution of this Site – I plan on adding to this site quite a bit in the coming months of 2006. Expect to see it evolve exponentially as time goes on, both visually and content-wise.
  • The Development of my Leon Kennedy game – No one can deny the thrill of looking at a finished product that they created. More entralling than that, however, is the process between design and final product… the actual implementation, which in this game is development. I will slowly see my vision be transformed into C++ commands and eventually into graphics on the screen.
  • Soprano’s and Prisonbreak return to TV; The Godfather and Shadow Hearts III video game – March 2006. Probably going to be the biggest month of the year. All four of these titles will be released in the US for my own personal enjoyment. I honestly cannot wait!

Like in everything I do, I probably forgot a bunch of stuff. But, the above is still the (in)complete list of what I am looking forward to in 2006. We will see if any of it actually meets my expectations in the coming months…