Computer Troubles

I am currently in the process of building a new computer. The process, however, has been replete with many issues. From the second I started, things were not right. Once I finally finished building it and went to turn it on, the computer shut off almost immediately after turning on. I eventually sort of fixed that, and the computer remained on; however, nothing appeared on the monitor. A lot of troubleshooting and hours later, I replaced the power supply. That seemed to be the root of most of the issues, as the computer now went on with no fiddling and stayed on. Also, the motherboard logo displayed on the screen, so I got excited.

However, the motherboard logo that is now embedded into my dreams is about all the computer does. Once it shows that, it just freezes there and does nothing more. And that is the current status. I have messed with almost every component, but to no avail. It is seriously looking like a bad motherboard. Having a bad Power supply and bad motherboard in the same order, especially from a reputable company (, is rare. In fact, it is just plain bad luck to get two bad components. I am currently waiting for a response from their tech support for RMA info.  They are supposed to have good support, but its been three days without a response (I guess I won’t be hard on them… it was a holiday weekend). I just hope there aren’t ridiculous restocking fees or shipping charges…

Yeah, well that is the reason why I haven’t posted anything new on the site lately. I really have a couple things planned, but right now I’m just focusing on getting my new computer up and running.