Photo Gallery

I added a Coppermine Photo Gallery to the site. It is accessible at Currently, I have one album up, and it is my cars from Gran Turismo 4. I used the Photo Travel feature in the game to pose and snap pictures of my cars with cool backdrops. Check that out here.

Once I get my new motherboard, and I get my computer up and running, this site is going to shift back into focus for me, especially after school is over.

One of the articles that will be up within two weeks is going to be a detailed look at Open-WRT, the custom firmware that you can flash to many Broadcom-based routers. I have an Asus WL500g router that is supported, so I plan on going nuts with it. The project is pretty limitless, so expect a lot of cool things to be discussed. One thing I am going to focus on is turning it into the ultimate war driving companion. It can act as a wireless client, and given its Linux foundation, can run tools such as aircrack to crack WEP keys of protected wireless hot spots.

Some time over the summer I’m going to launch a series of articles detailing Linux, from the basics (what is it? where do I get it? etc.) to some rather complex things like building your own programs from source, as customizing the Linux kernel itself. I promise it will be fun 😉

Until then, I’m pretty much just using my iBook for internet surfing and school projects, and playing PS2 in my spare time. Not having a main computer is quite boring… I’m learning all the things I take for granted. For example, you’d be surprised how much easier (and faster) converting an AVI to DVD is on Windows at 3ghz than on a Mac with 700mhz… especially considering my Mac doesn’t have a DVD burner. But once I get my main system up and running, it is going to be crazy. I might even run an article about how awesome it is. At the very least, expect a photo album to be added to the Coppermine with pics of the process from start to completion.