Smiley Fun + Frogger

I have added a small plug-in to the site. I noticed some people (*cough*Bruce*cough*) were typing in smileys incorrectly. So, the plug-in put a bunch of smiley icons underneath the comment box. When you go to post a comment, just click the smiley you want to use and it will automatically insert the appropriate text. There are a bunch you (and me) probably didn’t know were there, so now we’ve got all of them visible for the using.

Also added today is the My Games page under Links on the side bar. Frogger in Beijing has been uploaded and can be accessed from there. I only updated/fixed the Windows version, so if anyone needs/wants a Mac or Linux version of the fixed game let me know, and I will upload it ASAP.

Also, I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend Trolltech, the company that makes Qt (not to be confused with the acronym for Apple’s Quicktime), which is the toolkit I used to develop Frogger in Beijing. The reason the old one ceased to work was because I was using the trial version of Qt version 3. However, Trolltech recently decided to release an open source version of Qt version 4, meaning I would not have to pay to use the full version. Being a supporter of the open source movement, I love to see new companies releasing their products under open sources licenses. And you should love to see it too because it means Frogger could be fixed by me, and used by you for free. By the way, if you know C++ and want to make graphical applications, I highly recommend Qt.

That’s about it for today. Lots of homework, and no time to add anything else. Though I am mentally preparing my Top 10 games…

Oh, and you may have noticed the new icon for the site (seen next to the URL in the address bar of your browser) is a Japanese symbol. It is Kanji for Festival. Just felt like throwing that on here, since this site is like a festival of my mind. Yay for metaphors.