My New Computer

My new computer has been running for about a week now. However, it is currently actually slower than my old computer. You see, I had to temporarily get 1GB of Kingston ValueRAM to get the thing working while I wait to get refunded on my original RAM purchase. In my old computer, I had 1.5GB of RAM so that is what I am used to. Also, my old system had a 3.06ghz Pentium 4 while the new one has a 2.66 ghz Pentium D. You’re probably wondering why I choose to backstep. Well, it is all temporary. Once I get a refund on my old RAM, I’m going to get 2GB of low latency Mushkin memory. After I have that, I will be able to do what I built this thing for: overclock. I expect to break 3.6ghz easily, and hope to get over 4ghz. I’m pretty sure my RAM, CPU, and PSU can all handle 4ghz, but the motherboard is what I’m worried about. Its previous version (I have the AW8D, I’m talking about the AW8) capped the OCability for 533mhz processors, which is what I have. I hope I don’t run into that, but it may be very possible.

Anyway, without further ado, click Web Album Generator. It worked very nicely, I think, and has a lot of cool built-in templates, or you can make your own.

UPDATE (07-07-06): Web Album Generator was nice while it lasted. It is good for making and album and posting it. Unfortunately, if you only want to add one more picture in, you have to re-generate the whole thing and then re-upload the whole thing. Not cool. So, I moved over all the pictures and descriptions to the Coppermine Photo Gallery. The new link to access it is here. The Coppermine interface is kind of tedious, but it worked surprisingly well (I used the Batch Add feature which rids the need to re-upload the files). I just wish I would have done the gallery in this from the beginning. The main reason I switched was because I need to add another picture of the fan brackets I setup to cool the PWM1.

Expect me to brag about how cool my computer is once I get it overclocked. At that point, I know it will smoke my old system in terms of general speed. It already kills it in games thanks to my new 7900GT video card. I can play Oblivion easily on 1280×960 with AA and AF turned on, and the max settings!

UPDATE (06-30-06): I edited the photo gallery to include my new Mushkin RAM, plus final pics of the inside of the case. And so the overclocking begins.