Photoshop for the Web

I saw this thing called cellsea Photo Editor on digg. It is a web application that behaves similarly to Photoshop. You can’t do anything serious like work with layers or combine pictures, but you can do a lot of useful things to photographs. For example, you can crop, resize, sharpen, blur, etc. There are also a huge amount of effects and distortions. It can also save in a variety of formats. This would be very useful if you either don’t have Photoshop or are on the road on a computer without Photoshop installed.

For anyone’s basic needs, this thing is quite good. I just did a quick test to crop, blur, and add a little sparkle effect to one of my wallpapers, and it worked well. I then saved it out as a PNG, one of the five or six formats it supports. This is highly recommended especially to those of your who use Printscreen + MS Paint to make screenshots of things. With this, you can take the BMP file produced from Paint and save it as a JPEG that everyone can enjoy. Check it out by clicking the “read more” link below! (I posted this story from Digg using their new Digg v3 features. Very nice!)

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