Noir AMV

I spent this past weekend creating an AMV (anime music video) for the anime series called Noir. The series is about two female assassins that are trying to figure out the secrets of their past and a shady organization known as “Les Soldats” (The Soldiers in French). It is a very entertaining series, with a bunch of action sequences and a great story. The song I used for the video was “Watch me Shine” by Vanessa Carlton. I felt that it fit the two assassins in the show perfectly.

I created the video using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, and exported it in three separate qualities to please all viewers:

  • Low Quality (recommended for 56k dial-up users)
  • Medium Quality (recommended for everyone else)
  • High Quality (recommended for those who want to see it in the best quality and don’t mind waiting for it to load)