Apple Announcements

I don’t have too much time, but I’ll briefly summarize what Apple announced today. A lot of iPod stuff.

  • iPod w/ Video has upgraded screens (60% brighter and “more vibrant”). The lower-end version is still 30GB but is cheaper at $249. The high-end is now a massive 80GB and costs $349. Unbelievable! I just hope the video battery life is better.
  • iPod Nano now features click wheel, and is allegedly smaller. How that is possible is beyond me. Anyway, three versions are now out. A 2GB silver one replaces the old 1GB line at $149; the 4GB line now features silver, pink, green, and blue for $199; there is now a new 8GB line in black for $249. Interesting that the 8GB version costs the same as the 30GB video iPod, but I guess some people are willing to pay for the compact size.
  • iPod Shuffle – $79 1GB version… even smaller, thinner, etc. WOW! Check out the picture of this thing. I want one!!
  • iTunes 7 – supposedly the best iTunes update since 2001. Maybe it will actually change more than the interface, unlike 5 and 6.
  • iPod games now available on the iTMS for $4.99. They look pretty decent. They’ve got Pacman, Tetris, and other classics.
  • iTV, which I quote from “a device that attaches to a television and can wirelessly receive and play digital content from any computer running iTunes software. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said iTV, which will be available in the first quarter of 2007, will sell for $299” Sounds awesome to me!

Good news for us iPod lovers. Now Apple just needs to introduce an iPod Trade-in program so you can get the new generation every year! I think I’ll stick with my 30GB 1st generation video for now, but I may upgrade in the future.