Playstation 3 is the Devil

Maybe it’s just my inner fanboy coming out, but what is the deal with all the negative Playstation 3 press? There are countless articles stating “Wii and 360 beat PS3 sales”, “PS3 sales not meeting expectations”, and just general “PS3 disappoints” articles. And the sad thing is that most of the articles are using ideologies that are completely unwarranted and devoid of reason.

One article concludes that the Nintendo Wii is the best console because it sold more units than the Playstation 3. I’m sorry, but less sales does not mean less demand. The problem with the PS3 is that the manufacturing was a lot later and slower than imagined, and thus only about 200,000 units shipped to the United States. On the other hand, about 600,000 Wii units shipped. While those numbers may be off, it is irrelevant for the point. Just because more units were shipped, and thus sold, does not mean anything about the console’s quality or the demand for it. Also keep in mind that Nintendo’s launch estimates were not met either, so the media has no right to negatively report on the Sony shortages.

If three million each of Wiis and PS3s were shipped, I guarantee you that all of them would sell. It is not until the units are in stock for more than three minutes that people will be able to deduct the winner in terms of popularity. Simply put, every unit that is shipped in the next three months is going to be sold within a few hours at the max. There is an insatiable demand for both systems, despite the vast disparity between their prices and intended audiences.

That being said, there are also negative articles regarding the latest PS3 firmware release, dubbed version 1.30. This firmware was released with the major focus on fixing a problem with 1080i (a particular high definition variant) televisions and particular games. The problem resulted in content being downscaled to 480p (equivalent to a current-gen DVD, and is not considered high-definition). Sony’s rather rough fix merely reordered the priority of the screen resolutions. This solved the 1080i problem, but created issues for 720p owners (which is the vast majority). While I am not defending Sony, because I will probably be affected by this ill-conceived patch, I think it is irresponsible for the media to decimate Sony for releasing a patch that doesn’t necessarily fix things all the way. Microsoft does it all the time with Windows, and to be fair so does Apple.

More importantly, Nintendo also has a problem, but it is with the accessory and not the software. Their controller strap seems to be too weak, and may snap given undue stress that some enthusiastic gamers put on it. The problem with this is that when the strap breaks, the controller often goes flying across the room and may break something (including your TV). This problem that I consider to be a lot more earth-shattering (or TV-shattering, as the case may be) has received little to no mainstream media attention, while the PS3 720p hiccup (that can be easily worked around, I might add) is being bashed by everyone with a blog.

Yes, this is a little rant. I just wanted to express my opinion. I think it is ridiculous that everyone is taking sucker-punches at the PS3 when the Nintendo Wii is suffering from similar ills. Before the release of the two systems, people were ganging up on the PS3. Now, it seems to have come to fruition. However, it doesn’t stop the hoards of people from buying the PS3s as soon as they are released onto Best Buy’s floors, even if those PS3s are in sparse numbers.